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Permanent Magnetic Absorber

  • YX permanent magnet elevator series
  • YX permanent magnet elevator series
YX permanent magnet elevator seriesYX permanent magnet elevator series

YX permanent magnet elevator series

  • Item no. : YX
  • Shooting angle: 0 degrees
  • Video pixel: 600*400
  • Added time: 2019
  • Product description: YX permanent magnet elevator series
YX1 series permanent magnet elevator is a special magnetic circuit system composed of neodymium ferroboron magnetic material. It controls the magnetic circuit switch through the rotation of the handle. It has the characteristics of no excitation power supply, small size, light weight, large holding force, easy operation, safe use and permanent magnetic force. It is widely used in factories, docks, warehouses, transportation departments lifting and handling steel plates, ingots and other magnetic objects.

1. Using computer simulation magnetic circuit design, the magnetic field distribution is reasonable, magnetic penetration depth is large.

2. There is no magnetic field on working face under discharging condition.

3. No excitation power, no cooling system required.

4. Energy saving, low failure rate.

5. Simple operation, safe and reliable operation.

YX3 series permanent magnet elevator is made of ferrite magnetic material inside, it USES lever mechanism, which can easily pull the rod manually to complete the work of suction and discharging. With no excitation power supply, easy operation, safe use and other features. It is widely used for lifting and transporting long and thin steel plates in factories, wharves, warehouses and transportation departments. The lever unloading mechanism can ensure good synchronicity. Air gap adjusting rod can adjust the size of magnetic force conveniently. However, it is still magnetic under discharging condition.

  • YX4 series consists of a number of unit magnetic circuit composed of permanent magnet and magnetic pole. The permanent magnet of each unit magnetic circuit can be driven by a driving mechanism to rotate 0 ~ in the unit magnetic pole

    90°, the whole formation of open and closed magnetic circuit, to achieve the purpose of suction, unloading.

    YX5 series permanent magnet elevator is elaborately designed with rare earth high-performance permanent magnet materials. It achieves the purpose of fast unloading by completing the magnetic circuit conversion through electric actuator, because it is not practical for large-tonnage lifter to overcome its internal magnetic suction force to discharge materials manually. It can be widely used in machinery, chemical industry, wharf, shipyard, steel structure factory, etc., which need to transport magnetic billet, steel plate, round steel etc.

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