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Iron remover

  • RCD series electromagnetic iron removal
RCD series electromagnetic iron removal

RCD series electromagnetic iron removal

  • Item no. : RCD
  • Shooting angle: 0 degrees
  • Video pixel: 600*400
  • Added time: 2019
  • Product description: RCD series electromagnetic iron removal
Electromagnetic iron remover

RCD series electromagnetic iron removing products fully absorb the advanced technology of similar products from Germany, France, Japan, etc., and occupy the leading position of the same products in China. Up to now, it has more than 20 years of production experience. It can be used together with belt conveyor, vibration conveyor, electromagnetic vibration feeder and other conveyors. It can remove the ferromagnetic material of 0.1-35kg from loose non-magnetic material, which plays an important role in improving material grade, recovering miscellaneous iron and protecting each working procedure equipment. Widely used in cement, thermal power generation, metallurgy, mining, ceramics, chemical, glass, paper, building materials, food, tobacco, coal and other industries. Can be in a variety of harsh environment long - term trouble-free operation.

1. By computer optimization design, reasonable structure, low energy consumption, stable and reliable performance.

2. The distribution of magnetic field is scientific and reasonable.

3. The field coil is specially treated to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil, with low temperature rise, insulation,

Good heat resistance.

4. Easy installation and maintenance, long service life.

5. All the technical indicators meet the requirements of JB/T 7689-2004 standard

RCDA series air - cooled electromagnetic iron removal

RCDA series air cooled electromagnetic iron remover is forced air cooled by air conditioning fan, which is simple to operate and easy to use. It is suitable for the occasions with good environmental conditions. It is used to remove iron from any material in front of crusher and conveyor belt.
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