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Lifting electromagnet for lifting steel plate

Lifting electromagnet for lifting steel plate
User requested data
Lift steel plate with lifting electromagnet, size 12 m, width 4 m, back 6-40mm. The crane capacity is 32T, which is required to be equipped with magnetic control system.
Absorption temperature: normal temperature; Outage duration: ≥30min; Power supply: input three-phase 380V±10% 50Hz;
Technical solution
5 sets of lifting electromagnet are adopted in this scheme. When the steel plate is lifted, the voltage of the equipment can be adjusted to meet the requirements of leaflets or multiple sheets. In the process of moving the lifting materials to the designated position, if there is power failure or mainstream failure; Or manually turn off the power, the standby power will be automatically put into immediately, so as to ensure that the sucked material will not fall down.
Type selection and composition of each set of equipment
Lifting electromagnet mw84-24040 five sets
One set of LBM -30F-C magnetic control equipment
Cable reel jta135-15-2 beam hl-5 one
Complete structure of rectifier control equipment
Main technical parameters of the equipment
Lifting electromagnet: mw84-24040 rated voltage: 6kw electrification duration: TD=60% insulation class: H class
Weight: 900kg protection grade: IP56
Rectifier control equipment LBM -30F-C
Input power supply: ac 380 v, 50 hz output voltage: DC 0 v - 250 - v insulation resistance 1 m or more Ω protection grade: IP54 filling demagnetization time: 2 s or less duty: 100% outage bartender magnetic time: 30 min or higher charging control modes: constant voltage current limiting automatic charging charging current: 0.2 C or less
Cable drum: JTA135-15 - rated voltage, rated current DC220V: 135 a number of phase: two phase current continuous rate: 60% insulation resistance: 10 m or higher Ω cable specifications: YC 2 * was 25
Maximum coiling length: 15m deadweight: 110kg
Main technical parameters of the equipment
1. General technical features
1) set the general on and off power switch, and set the magnetic adjustment switch.
2) the lifting electromagnet group has the function of adjusting magnetism, which can ensure that the electromagnetic hoist can release the material and feed the material.
3) there is a display signal of battery performance on the driver's cab.
4) the circuit is provided with circuit breaking voltage and other protective measures.
5) the insulation grade is H, and the protection grade is IP54
6) the fluxes and demagnetization response time of the electromagnetic chuck should be controlled within 3S.
7) the adjusting voltage shall be controlled within 250V, and the adjusting voltage shall be continuously adjusted between 0 and 250V, and the adjusting device shall be installed on the linkage table.
8) set up power failure and magnetic protection system. Power failure and magnetic protection time is 20 minutes. The battery voltage system has the function of automatic charging and testing.
9) maintenance-free fully sealed battery battery
Lifting electromagnet manufacturing
1) the shell, core and yoke of lifting electromagnet are made of high quality carbon steel with high permeability, and the coil protection is made of wear-resistant manganese steel plate. Lifting electromagnet cable using sheath protection.
2) the coil wire is made of high quality double glass wire mesh coated flat wire with insulation grade H to ensure the service life of the coil.
3) insulation materials are made of pure natural mica and polyimide films with high heat resistance and non-aging.
4) lifting electromagnet coil adopts single-coil low-temperature lifting design, cold and hot suction changes little. In the case of high material temperature, lifting electromagnet electrification rate of 60%.
5) lifting electromagnet body adopts fully sealed structure. Protection level is IP56.
Production of electric control cabinet
1) rectifier cabinet and charging cabinet are designed in an integrated way, reducing the space occupied by installation.
2) the standby power supply adopts the joint venture to produce high-performance acid maintenance-free battery, which should have the characteristics of good sealing, low self-discharge rate, long service life, wide temperature range, high specific energy and maintenance-free, and the main components are Siemens products.
3) the charging circuit adopts three-phase rectifier transformer step-down, three-phase intelligent rectifier module rectifier, automatic control circuit board control, with "strong charge" and "floating charge" automatic conversion, and over current, over charge, over side protection.
4) power failure is safe and reliable. When the lifting electromagnetic chuck is in the working state, if there is a power failure or circuit fault, the control system can automatically switch the standby power supply for power supply, and at the same time send sound and light alarm, to ensure that the hoisted objects will not fall.
Cable reel
Introduction of the international general clockwork cable rewind technology, with the power of volley coil spring, the use of spring energy storage automatic winding cable. It has the characteristics of simple power supply, safe and reliable operation and moderate cable stress. For high temperature environment, high temperature resistant cable is selected. Cable can be retractable, reliable work; Adopt the structure of collector slide ring carbon brush to transfer electric energy, make the power supply continuous and steady.
Collector slip-ring is made of copper alloy with good conductivity and elasticity, and can withstand the current up to 500A. The brush is the sliding contact part of conducting current on the electric slide ring. The quality of the brush is very important to the cable reel. The contact surface is made according to the copy shape of sliding ring and is made by deep processing. Collector ring is assembled by special person and tested by professional means to ensure product quality strictly.
The factory inspection
The ex-factory inspection includes appearance inspection, electrical clearance and creepage distance measurement, insulation resistance test, coil cold resistance test and voltage withstand test, etc.
Product type inspection includes temperature rise test, lifting capacity test, shell protection grade inspection and operation test, etc.
Insulation test between turns: power frequency voltage 550V, no short circuit and flashover in one minute
Voltage test: power frequency voltage 2500V, no short circuit and flashover phenomenon in one minute.


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