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Technical requirements for high temperature electromagnetic chuck

Technical requirements for high temperature electromagnetic chuck
Hoisting belt, steel coil lifting electromagnet, electromagnetic chuck
Lifting electromagnet model: mw16-1916l /2, contactless power failure magnetic protection control cabinet vtb-25e / 20-c, cable reel jta135-20-2, cable connector dl-102, connection cable
Equipment technical parameters
1. Lifting electromagnet: mw16-1916l /2
2. Rated voltage: DC220V
3. Cold power: 21KW
4. Power on duration: TD=60%
5. Insulation grade: H
6. Dead weight: 6500kg
7. Safety factor: KF≥2.5
Contactless power failure magnetic protection control cabinet: vtb-25e / 20-c
1. Input power supply: 3AC380V 50Hz
2. Output voltage: 220V
3. Output power: 25KW
4. Insulation grade: IP54
6. Charge demagnetization time: ≤2S
7. Work schedule: 100%
8. Control mode: contactless control
9. Outage duration: ≥20min
10. Charging control mode: constant voltage floating charge automatic conversion with protective measures against overcharge
11. Charging voltage: DC0~300V continuously adjustable (factory set to 243V)
12. Charging current: ≤ 0.2c10 (20A)
Cable drum: jta135-20-2
1. Rated voltage: DC220V
2. Rated current: 135A
3. Number of phases: single phase
4. Power on duration: TD=60%
5. Control mode: constant tension control
6. Insulation resistance: 10 m or more Ω
7. Cable specification: YC2X25mm2
8. Maximum reel length: 25m
9. Weight: 185 kg
Main technical features:
1. Lifting electromagnet all adopt CAD computer aided design, lifting electromagnet shell is made of fully sealed steel plate welding, air tightness test and strictly, waterproof protection device for the outlet box, and is equipped with the collision protection plate, coil adopts the oxide film aluminium wire winding, insulation performance is good, to has advantages of light weight, low energy consumption, between coil and outer shell adopts the vacuum tank epoxy resin adhesive is fixed, resistance to high temperature, high humidity, violent collisions.
2. Welding procedure: in the lifting electromagnet assembly process of welding strictly conduct air tightness test, with 0.7Mpa pressure test, no leakage phenomenon.
3. Winding coil process: after coil wire is made, insulation test must be done between turns and ground withstand voltage test.
4. Turn-to-turn insulation test: power frequency voltage 550V one minute without short circuit and flicker phenomenon.
Electrical control equipment:
1. Programmable control technology is adopted to reduce external connection and provide the reliability of equipment use. The control mode is flexible, and parameters can be set or interlocked with other equipment according to the field situation.
2. The main circuit, control circuit short circuit protection, input voltage, phase sequence, phase failure protection, output voltage and current protection device and protection, at the same time also has a perfect power testing and over current, under voltage, is equal to the electronic detection, in any case can ensure the standby power contactless inputs (no more than 1 ms), ensure that sucked content will not accidentally fall, and equipped with sound and light alarm display.
3. The battery adopts completely maintenance-free battery, constant voltage and current limit automatic charging, and automatic alarm for overcharging.
4. Modular design and production, all components can be replaced before the board, and the operation is reliable.
Contactless control digit contactless control, no spark in no noise, maintenance-free, demagnetization filling time is short, the efficiency, electromagnetic energy feedback remaining grids, no fly-wheel circuit and electric resistance, from the impulse of mobile, fixed width, digital modulation, when using the trigger part does not need any adjustment, with reliability and anti-jamming, fast response, easy to use etc., circuit parameter Settings are completed by circuit automatically, replacing spare parts do not need to reset or adjust the parameters.
6. Use constant current power supply output, ensure that lifting electromagnet suction and constant, small thermal power delay, improve the service life of lifting electromagnet.
7. Internal components are international advanced products, among which main circuit breaker series, control main circuit breaker series and intermediate circuit break are all schneider products, programmable controller is Siemens products, rectifier module is schneider products, safe and reliable, long service life.
8. Easy installation, no need for field debugging, high reliability, high safety, low failure rate, easy replacement of spare parts.
Cable drum:
1. Clockwork drum drum technology, using volute spring energy storage automatic winding cable, cable stress is moderate, cable selection of high temperature resistant Marine cable, cable can be retractable freely, reliable work, using the collector slide ring carbon brush structure to transfer electrical energy, make the power supply continuous and stable.
2. The collector slip-ring is made of copper alloy with good conductivity and spring performance, which can withstand 500A current. The brush is characterized by low resistance coefficient, low contact voltage, low friction coefficient and high rated current density.
Production, acceptance implementation standards
1. Implementation standard of lifting electromagnet: Q/ jazm001-2002
2. Electric control equipment implementation standard: JB/DQ 4509-2003
3. All products are operated in strict accordance with IS9001 international quality system standard.
4. The place of acceptance shall be the place of use. After the installation and debugging of the equipment, both parties shall conduct acceptance inspection in accordance with relevant standards.


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