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Permanent magnet belt iron remover

In addition to the iron yc110130 - X - B
Permanent magnet except iron adopts the latest third generation of rare earth permanent magnet material NdFeB to form a magnetic system, which can generate a strong magnetic field attraction. Due to the slow permanent magnet, it has a long service life. Due to the fact that NdFeB is prone to rust when encountering tide, all the magnetic blocks used by our company are nickel-plated to ensure that the magnetic attenuation of the magnetic system within 10 years is less than 5%. And itself does not need to consume energy, is an energy-saving iron removal equipment. All the permanent magnet iron removers designed and manufactured by our company adopt CAD computer aided design, and the geometric shape of the magnetic field is approximately rectangular hemispherical.
This series permanent magnet self-discharging iron remover is composed of high performance permanent magnet core, iron strip, reducer motor, frame, roller, etc. Used for automatic removal of ferromagnetic materials weighing 0.1-25kg from non-magnetic materials. Its internal magnetic circuit adopts computer simulation design and perfect double magnetic pole structure, which ensures the whole machine to run for a long time without fault in harsh environment.
Quality assurance system
The implementation standard of permanent magnet iron remoter is JB/T 8711-2004, and the implementation standard of electric control cabinet is xiangq /JB 1458-87. All products of the company are operated in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality system standard from development, design, production, installation to service, and have obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification
Technical service
After the products arrive at the buyer, our company will send special technicians to guide the installation, take charge of debugging and track the use of the products regularly. In the process of use, if there is any technical problem, we will give a satisfactory reply within 24 hours after receiving the feedback from the user; If you need someone, 48 hours on site.
After-sales service commitment
Our company implements the quality "three guarantees", the shelf life is one year.
In case of quality problems related to manufacturing and other quality issues within the warranty period, we are responsible for free maintenance and replacement of relevant parts.
If the product needs cooperation during installation and use, our company will send relevant personnel to the demander within 48 hours for on-site service.


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