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Casting feeding lifting electromagnet distribution system

For manual iron distribution
Manual iron distribution mode is manual operation of lifting electromagnet suction weight. Each batch of material weighing is manually controlled. The weighing weight is displayed by wireless electronic hook ping.
The two methods have the following characteristics:
Automatic iron distribution has single storage, automatic control of suction weight, automatic compensation of error batch by batch, and other complete functions. Although manual mode is not complete with automatic mode, it is economical and practical. For general users who have low requirements on the grade of loading and weighing, most of them choose manual mode. Some large foundry enterprises (such as dongfeng two gas, weichai, jianghuai automobile, xinxing casting pipe, etc.) choose automatic mode with high requirements on casting automation. Users can choose two ways according to the actual situation of the enterprise.
Supporting system composition
Automatic mode application:
1. Used for automatically weighing cupola and electric furnace to carry metal burden, so as to achieve the ration of new pig iron, return iron and scrap steel and guarantee the stable quality of molten iron. The application effect is obvious: the temperature of molten iron is generally increased by 10-20 ℃, the carbon content fluctuation rate is 0.1%, the waste products are reduced by 2-5 percentage points, the burden and energy consumption are reduced by 2-5%, and the manpower is saved at the same time.
2. Main features: lifting electromagnet weighing and iron distribution can be divided into two ways:
For automatic iron distribution
Automatic value batching function: each batch of various grades of single weight (pig iron, furnace iron, scrap) into the microcomputer iron dispenser, operation lifting electromagnet suction weight by microcomputer iron dispenser automatic control of the required feeding weight. Each batch can be matched with up to 8 different metal burden, 999 batches can be matched; The error will be automatically compensated batch by batch, never causing accumulated error; Out of tolerance automatic alarm to ensure the accuracy of ingredients; High precision of batching, the average error of batching is less than 3% in consecutive (five batches); Fast batching speed, average (five batches) batching time is no more than 16~20 seconds; Automatic printing and recording of brand number, batching time of each batch, feeding time interval, batch, burden burden of burden time, batch burden, burden burden; Color film switch panel, large LCD Chinese characters display, Chinese menu input; Voice prompt, sound and light alarm; Data power loss protection, important parameters never lost; Equipped with RS232 interface * RS485 interface) and multi-channel switch output and input interface; The sensor adopts BLP (or PST) series pull-type high-strength impact resistance sensor; With manual digital display function.


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