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Set of lifting electromagnet for hoisting billet and steel plate

One, 32 tons gantry crane hoisting steel plate and billet special lifting electromagnet options
Lifting materials: steel plate, billet temperature: room temperature heaviest: 18 tons
Material specification: steel plate 8.5 m long, 1.25 m wide, 210mm thick, billet: 150 type, 6 m long and 12 m long
Ii. Equipment details of lifting electromagnet scheme:
According to the above parameters and existing conditions, the following technical transformation scheme is made:
2 sets of mw22-11090l /1 type lifting steel plate and steel billet special lifting electromagnet are adopted for lifting, with the required equipment as follows:
Lifting electromagnet model: mw22-11090l /1 quantity 2 sets
Power failure magnetic protection control system model: gtbmt-100/20 quantity 1 set
Battery model: 6fm-100ah quantity: 18 knots
Cable drum model: jta100-20-2 quantity 1 set
Beam type: hd-6-2 quantity 1
Cable connector model: dl-102 quantity: one
Iii. General technical description of products used in the scheme:
3.1 the equipment provided by our company has complete functions and advanced technology, and we guarantee that it can meet your design requirements and meet your personal safety and labor protection conditions.
3.2 all the equipment produced by our company are designed and manufactured correctly, and can operate safely and continuously under normal working conditions, without excessive stress, vibration, temperature rise, wear and tear, aging and other problems. We provide advanced, reliable and mature equipment and components.
3.3 the parts and components of the equipment adopt advanced and reliable processing and manufacturing technology, with good surface geometry and qualified tolerance coordination, without any trial-production parts.
3.4 parts that are easy to be worn out, aged or need to be adjusted, checked and replaced will be provided with spare parts, which can be easily dismantled, replaced and repaired.
3.5 all materials and parts meet the requirements of relevant specifications and are new and high quality, which can meet the requirements of local environmental conditions. No obsolete products published by the state will be used. Our company will adopt manufacturing installation only after receiving your approval.
3.6 all parts or components provided by our company are of good interchangeability.
3.7 our company will carry out strict inspection of materials and components purchased from abroad, and take full responsibility for their quality.
3.8 the main bearing structure is made of carbon structural steel, whose chemical composition and mechanical properties meet the requirements of gb700-88.
3.9 steel plate butt joint shall be completed by submerged arc welding to ensure thorough welding. The main fillet welding is completed by submerged arc welding, CO2 gas shielded welding and other automatic or semi-automatic methods to ensure sufficient welding depth. According to the principle of equal strength to choose welding rod, welding rod mass use should be a process test.
3.10 the equipment has strict waterproof and dustproof Settings, with excellent and reliable performance.
3.11 the design, manufacture and acceptance of lifting electromagnet shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the current national standard or our company's enterprise standard Q/ galco40-2000.
3.12 the supporting performance of the ordinary lifting electromagnet manufactured by our company is good.
3.13 lifting electromagnet will meet the two operating modes of local and remote program control.
3.14 the low-voltage electrical components of our company will adopt (Siemens) or domestic well-known products.
3.15 all steel products shall be pre-treated to remove rolling oxidation, rust and foreign matter, and the welding surface shall be smooth and smooth, free from defects such as pores, slag inclusion and welding nodules, so as to ensure the quality of welding seam. Major welds will be inspected for defects.
3.16 our company will remove all processed wastes from the inside of each component, such as metal cutting, stuffing, etc., and remove all residue, rust and grease from the outer surface.
Iv. Main technical parameters of products required by the scheme:
4.1.1 MW22 series is the special lifting electromagnet for lifting steel plate and billet. It is the optimal magnetic circuit designed by calculation and optimization according to the characteristics of high permeability of the whole steel plate (billet). It consumes little power, has light weight, large lifting capacity and is safe and reliable.
4.1.2 manufacturing and inspection standards: lifting electromagnet body equipment shall be produced and inspected in accordance with dc lifting electromagnet JB/ dq4599-90, JB/ZQ 6203-2004 and enterprise standards.
4.1.3 special magnetic circuit design is adopted for lifting electromagnet, which has large penetration depth and can penetrate multi-layer air gap to ensure full magnetization of the attracted objects, increase effective adsorption area and improve lifting capacity;
4.1.4 the shell of lifting electromagnet bottom plate is fully sealed and welded by rolled high stainless steel plate, and the air tightness test is strictly carried out. The outlet box adopts waterproof protection measures, and has anti-collision function, and is equipped with its anti-collision protection plate;
4.1.5 all coils are made of glass wire insulated aluminum wire, with high insulation performance, light weight and low energy consumption. Meanwhile, vacuum pouring glue (epoxy resin glue) is used to fixed between the coil and the shell, which is suitable for high dust and high humidity and can withstand violent collision at the same time.
4.1.6 during the making of the electromagnet, the air tightness test shall be strictly carried out in the welding process, and the insulation test and voltage withstand test shall be strictly carried out in the winding coil process (power frequency voltage 2500V for three minutes without short circuit and flicker);
4.1.7 insulation mode of electromagnet shall adopt three-layer insulation mode;
4.1.8 lifting electromagnet has a good compatibility with the supporting control equipment of magnetic adjustment and magnetic protection rectifier and cable reel.
4.1.9 main technical parameters of lifting electromagnet
Product model: mw22-11090l /1 external dimension: 1100*900mm
Rated current: 48A rated voltage: dc-220v
Power supply duration: TD=60% rated power consumption: 10KW
Single lifting capacity: 15T insulation grade: F
Ambient temperature: maximum 90 ° c, minimum 5 ° c lifting temperature: within 100 ° c


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